Dramatic Doggo Pretends To Faint When His Owner Tries To Trim His Nails In Viral Video

Well, as a child, I used to hate going to the barber to get hair trimmed or my nails cut. Just the thought of him suffocating me with the apron and snipping off my tresses made me cry hard. Hence, when the grooming day arrived, I used to hide under the blanket and pretend I am asleep (read dead) to avoid it.

Well, looks like I am not the only one who hates grooming and throws tantrums to avoid it. This video of a pitbull who almost overreacted when his owner tried to trim his nail is purr-fect and will kill your Monday blues.

The dramatic video of the doggo pulling a stunt to avoid nail trimming was shared on twitter and has garnered more than 4.73 Lakh likes.

The video first shows the naughty doggo ignoring his owner when she asks him to put up his paw. And as soon as she takes his paw and is about to clip his nail, the dog falls backwards in slow motion with legs up in the air slyly looking at the lady.

The dog’s Oscar-winning dramatic performance was applauded by many on the micro-blogging site:

Some even commented how their dogs were no different:

You see why living with a dog is the best thing you can do for yourself!