Meet Sia Who Donated Blood To Save Another Doggo From Renal Failure

It is a known fact that dogs feel empathy for their hoomans and try to comfort them in times of need. This compassion can also be seen when they are interacting with fellow canines as well as other animals like dolphins.

Recently, Kolkata-based actor Anindya Chatterjee shared that his Labrador Sia donated blood to save a 13-year-old Spitz named Danny who lives in Chennai.

The Times of India quoted veterinarian Dr. Debajit Roy saying,

“He [Danny] has chronic renal failure and as a result he needs blood. We don’t often get blood donors as there are limitations of awareness and also because the treatment is comparatively new in Kolkata. We are glad that we got a donor for Danny.”

The proud parent of the blood donor added, “She smartly went and donated blood, that too, without wearing a muzzle. It took her around 15 minutes. I’m proud today because of her. She has helped a couple save their pet.”

Dogs really are the warmest, most loving animals and deserve our affection and care, don’t you think?

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