Loyal & Faithful Dog Passes Away 15 Minutes After His Owner Loses Life To Cancer


For pet parents, their dogs are just like family. Surveys have found that dog owners kiss their pets more often than their partners and prefer spending time with them than go out with friends. They include them in important life events like engagement photoshoots and dances at weddings. And this bond, that is sometimes stronger than blood-ties, is truly a blessing. One that we’re extremely lucky to have in our lives.

One such doting pet parent was 25-year-old Stuart Hutchison residing in Alloa, Scotland. His family consisted of his wife Danielle, a two-year-old French bulldog named Nero, another dog Nala and their puppy Amelia.

After an 8 year-long battle with a cancerous brain tumour, Stuart succumbed to it on 11 August. And 15 minutes later, his furry baby Nero passed away too.

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All through the surgeries, chemo treatments and the spreading of cancer to the bones, Nero was a comforting presence beside his owner. Mirror UK quoted Stuart’s mother Fiona Conaghan saying,

“Stuart died about 1.15 pm that day, and Nero died roughly 15 minutes later. He had three dogs, but him and Nero were like one man and his dog. Nero was the dog which was always with him.”

She shared the heartbreaking news on Facebook with a prayer for her son as well as his loyal, faithful dog.


A month before his death, Stuart had requested his family to bring him home. He wanted to spend time there rather than a hospital. On that unfortunate day, the family noticed that Nero was in need of medical attention and rushed him to a vet.

Fox News quoted Fiona further adding,

“They said he had ruptured something in his spine but he had been totally fine before that.”

We hope that Stuart and Nero both rest in peace, together in death as they were in life. We wish lots of strength to the grieving family through these difficult times.

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