This Dog Pulled Off A Joey And Ate An Entire Turkey Meant For A Family’s Christmas Dinner

Christmas is the time of being with the family and enjoying the festivities by exchanging gifts and spreading joy. Christmas dinner is an important tradition of the festival in which all the members of the family enjoy a sumptuous banquet involving a rich spread of delicacies. A family from Scotland had similar plans for their Christmas dinner this year until their dog decided to wreak havoc on it!

Bubba, a five-year-old Chi Apso dog ate an entire turkey which was meant for the family of David Barett, a resident of Prestwick. The dog secretly snuck into the kitchen on Christmas eve and gorged herself on the turkey. The family only came to know when she collapsed on the floor and was unable to move.

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David took to Twitter to share the hilarious news and it was only a matter of time that the tweet went viral.


Apparently, Bubba only left a small piece of turkey breast behind which was supposed to feed three people!

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Fortunately, David’s relatives brought a spare turkey and Christmas dinner was saved. However, after Bubba’s culinary adventure, the family is now planning to put the naughty pup on a New Year diet.

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So next time if your pet goes out of sight for over 5 minutes, do take a look into the kitchen.

News Source: The Daily Mail

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