Viral Video Of Doggo Acting Dead To Avoid Walking Is All Of Us On Monday Mornings!


Do you ever feel all of your energy drained out while getting out of bed? Does your body feel reluctant to move even one muscle? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, humans are not alone to feel that way. Sometimes, even animals simply decide that they don’t want to walk anymore- and the adorable drama that follows is a spectacle.

A video has made its way to the internet showing a dog laying on its back on the sidewalk as its owner tries hard to convince it to walk. Despite some cajoling and a belly rub, the dog refuses to get up. The video was posted by an onlooker on the street, who witnessed the pet’s tantrum, and shared it with the netizens. She captioned the video on Twitter, saying, “Not EVERYTHING is bad. Like this dog I met yesterday who did NOT want to walk anymore. She is good!

Soon as the video went viral, been viewed more than 3 million times, it started to garner replies from pet-owners around the world , who’ve dealt with the exact same thing. A lot of them replied that they found the video way too relatable and also shared their own moments when their pets decided to ‘act dead’ or declare that “enough of walking, I ain’t going nowhere”.

These poor pets might be tired of walking, but I’m really not tired of watching their antics! I am too happy from all this goodness!

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