Overworked Nurse Slaps Doctor At UP Hospital, Video Captures The Brawl

As our country battles the severe second wave of coronavirus, we’ve seen innumerable cases where healthcare workers have made sacrifices to save lives. Such as the doctors in Gujarat who headed back to their duties merely hours after the demise of their mothers. Furthermore, some essential personnel like oxygen tanker drivers haven’t seen their kids in a year while dedicating themselves to work.

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Long hours at work and tremendous pressure recently saw a doctor and a nurse at a hospital in UP get into a physical altercation. In a video that has now gone viral, the nurse and doctor can be seen having a heated conversation that ends in verbal abuse.

What ensues is an ugly spat after the nurse slaps the doctor, who quickly retaliates. A policeman present at the scene is seen silently watching the brawl. The fight that occurred at Rampur District Hospital on Monday was eventually stopped by some policemen and hospital staff present at the scene, reports Zee News.

Take a look:

Reports reveal that a patient at the hospital had died in the course of treatment. The deceased’s relatives sought a death certificate, which the nurse attempted to facilitate, but the doctor insisted on a written request. The overburdened nurse then lost her temper when the relatives requested the document. What followed was an argument between her and the doctor in the emergency ward.

Ramji Mishra, the City Magistrate of Rampur said, “I have spoken to both of them. They say they were under stress and overburdened. We will probe this and speak to both of them.”

India’s healthcare system is clearly overburdened by the mounting cases, yet doctors, as well as nurses, are functioning determinedly to serve patients. Sadly, a state of immense pressure and duress have unfortunately prompted several disputes between healthcare professionals as well as a patient’s loved ones.

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