WATCH: Doctor Blasts Minister At Imphal Airport After His VVIP Treatment Caused Flight Delay

If you are an Indian, chances are you have been stalled, cornered and restrained from taking your usual path because a minister’s wagon was passing the same. Now, I don’t mind sharing my path really, but it is the incorrigible VVIP treatment that irks me and many others. It is the exploitation of power–which somehow disqualifies your vehicle and mine over the one with a lal bati–that gets under my skin.

You know, I might look the other way but what about people who can’t afford to miss those precious seconds? What about a doctor who has to reach her critical patient? She will vent her anger and helplessness. And that is exactly what a lady doctor at the Imphal airport did when she blasted Union Minister, KJ Alphons after flights got delayed due to the special arrangements. In the video shared by ANI, she can be heard saying,

“I have to go Patna at 2:45 that was the scheduled time. The body is waiting otherwise it’ll decay.”

That’s not all. She even asked the minister to give her assurance that she’ll make it in time and in writing! And when she does, you can hear the pent-up frustration in her voice. The voice of the common that will, unfortunately, always be less important than the ones that screech in the parliament.