15 Reasons Why It’s Always The Best To Celebrate Diwali At Home


There are so many things that make Diwali such a wonderful festival to celebrate. There is an ample amount of excitement in the air- buying crackers, new clothes, lighting up every corner of the house with beautiful diyas, and eating up all the delectable food on the day of the Puja. Not to mention the quality time you spend with your family throughout.

Following are the things that make celebrating Diwali with family an unmatched experience:

1. That familiar smell of the festival approaching on winter mornings

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2. Watching firecracker stalls come up everywhere in your locality

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3. Watching your neighbours decorating their homes slowly and steadily

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Colours…colours everywhere.


4. Consequently starting the cleaning and tidying process with your family in your own home

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Time to bring out new pillow covers, bed sheets, drapes, and everything clean and pretty. 🙂


5. Going out and buying all the things you will need for the big Puja

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Marveling at the colourful flowers and smelling the fresh incense.


6. Getting spoilt for choice when you go out to buy lanterns, string lights, and pretty diyas

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And who can forget Rangoli colours? 😀


7. The excitement of going out and splurging on lovely traditional clothes and matching accessories

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Diwali bonus used well. 😉


8. The process of getting together with your family and setting up the lights and the lanterns in every corner of the house

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And making it as creative as possible.


9. Helping out in the kitchen when your mother prepares sweets, prasad, and other yummy delicacies for the Puja

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Watching all this delectable food being prepared in front of you already building up your appetite. 😀


10. Finally getting dressed up in your best clothes, hours before the Puja

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11. Trying to concentrate on the Puja when your mind keeps shifting to eating the yummy prasad

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The food is watching you. 😀


12. The feeling you get when the Puja ends and you can finally proceed towards lighting up your entire home with pretty diyas with your family

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And the entire house looks stunning with all kinds of lights flickering everywhere.


13. When you look outside and see the entire neighbourhood starting their celebrations with vigour and joy

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Not to mention the building excitement in you as you hear the sound of bursting crackers. 😀


14. When you finally start the celebration of the festival of lights

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Friends, family, crackers, and lights. And maybe, booze afterwards. 😉


15. The unmatched feeling of being surrounded by everyone you love, and knowing that festivals bring everyone closer, for good

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There is no other feeling like it.

So go on, clean & decorate your home, light up the house and spend some quality time with your family! Happy Diwali!

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