MP Wife Agrees To Divorce Cheating Husband If His GF Hands Over Her Flat & ₹27 Lakh


Divorces are tough. But they get even more difficult when there are kids involved. According to India Today, a minor girl from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, recently lodged a complaint saying that her father was having an extramarital affair with a coworker which resulted in several fights between her parents. She added that the arguments were disturbing her and her sister’s studies.

News18 reports that the family court looked into the matter and arranged counseling sessions for the couple. In these sessions, it was discovered that the husband was indeed in a relationship with an older colleague and wanted a divorce.

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The wife who was initially against a divorce later reached an agreement to leave him on the condition that his girlfriend hand over her apartment as well as Rs.27 lakh in cash so that she could look after her 2 daughters. The counselor added that the wife came to this decision as she believed there was no point in staying married without love.


Do you think the wife was being practical and looking after her kids’ future or do you believe her condition was selfish? Tell us.

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