Supreme Court Says That A Hindu Man Can Divorce Wife If She Separates Him From His Parents

In yet another bad decision, we now have weird grounds for divorce. Even though something as brutal as marital rape is not reason enough for separation, guys now have the upper hand in divorce as well.

The Supreme court has passed a judgement that, a Hindu man can ask for divorce if his wife tries to separate him from his ageing parents.

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A minute of silence please, for this really well thought decision. *Sarcasm detected*. According to Justice Dave,

“It is not a common practice or desirable culture for a Hindu son in India to get separated from his parents on getting married at the instance of the wife, especially when the son is the only earning member in the family. A son, brought up and given education by his parents, has a moral and legal obligation to take care and maintain the parents, when they become old and when they have either no income or have a meagre income.”


Why you ask? Because it’s ‘western culture’ to live away from the husband’s family and this practice is ‘alien’ to us.

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Bench of Justices Anil R. Dave and L. Nageshwara Rao claimed that,

‘A woman becomes a part of the husband’s family and cannot seek to separate him from his parents for the sole reason that she wants to entirely enjoy his income.’

So let’s get this straight. A woman needs to leave her parents when she gets married, and that is the ‘norm’. But if she tries to take him away from his parents, aka get an independent life, she can be divorced? Because clearly only her husband’s parents age and need someone to take care of them full time, while her parents are self-sustainable?

Can we get over this fad of making pointless laws and concentrate on things that are more important? 

News Source: The Hindu

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