Representing India At Miss Universe, Divita Rai Turns Into ‘Sone Ki Chidiya’ For Costume Round

People with patriotic grandparents would have heard them say that India was once regarded as the ‘Sone Ki Chidiya’ because of the wealth and the rich cultural heritage it possessed.

Be it the Kohinoor or the vast spread of agricultural land, spices, art, and more, India had it all. But by independence, this golden bird was bruised, robbed, and left gasping for breath.

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Even though the tragic turn of events pains our hearts, it doesn’t change the fact that every Indian is proud of the country. Expressing her love and gratitude for India, Divita Rai, who is representing India at the 71st edition Miss Universe 2023 pageant turned into a golden bird during the costume round of the pageant.


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25-year-old Divita Rai from Karnataka was crowned LIVA Miss Diva Universe 2022. An architect by profession, Rai studied at the Sir JJ College of Architecture.

Sharing pictures of her in the glittery, glamourous outfit, the beauty queen explained why she choose to become a golden bird.

“My National Costume is inspired from the ethereal portrayal of India as the golden bird which is a symbol of wealth of our rich cultural heritage along with the spiritual essence of living in harmony with diversity.”


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Her lehenga was hand embellished with intense gold by finest artisans. Made out of hand-woven tissue fabric from Madhya Pradesh, the drape represents the image of modern India.

Talking about the wings in her outfit and what they symbolize for her, Divita wrote in an Instagram post, “The wings represent the power of nourishment and care that India has shown in the difficult times towards the citizens of the world and took care and stood as a support with the notion of ‘One World One Family’.”

Divita Rai’s ‘Sone ki Chidiya’ costume is a creation of designer Abhishek Sharma.

Take a look at some more images of the gorgeous gold lehenga donned by Divita.

Golden goddess!

Those captivating, loud eyes.

Proud and how!

Divita looks like Indian royalty in her national costume.

Watch the diva take over the ramp of the pageant, gleaming with pride in her gold outfit.


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This is such a special dress and a great tribute to the richness of India. All the best, Divita.

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