These Distressed Bum Detail Jeans Are A Thing Now And The Internet Can’t Understand Why

I’m all up for experimentation in fashion. Clothes are a great medium to express yourself and project what’s on the inside to the outside world. What’s the point of a billion people dressing the same way, when no two of us are the same, right? Isn’t that why we all grumbled about having to wear uniforms in school? And for ages now, a major weightlifter in our wardrobes have been our trusty denims. Which, ironically, have never actually changed much.

Well, looks like the fashion Gods have heard your pleas and maybe taken them a bit too seriously. The wardrobe staple has been undergoing some serious make-overs these days and most of them are… Let’s just say, questionable. (Read: Extreme cut out jeans).

Peeps, get ready to raise some eyebrows because fashion brand Pretty Little Thing has come out with a pair of rather uniquely distressed jeans.

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Uhhh… Yeah, that’s a thing now.

The brand describes the product as such on their website:

“Flaunt some skin with these seriously on point skinny jeans. Featuring a black denim fabric with a flattering high waisted fit and distressed bum detail and a zip leg.”

Bum detail. Thanks for clarifying that, would’ve totally missed it otherwise.

People are obviously scandalised at the ₹2000 priced pair. Many seem to question the sanity of the creators and I can’t say I blame them.

1. Quite possible.

2. Who in their right mind indeed.

3. LOL.

4. Uhhh… Is she serious?

5. I would do the same tbh.

6. Well, the 80’s was a crazy time.

7. I’d rather hide my eyes.

8. Pretty sure they will.

9. In comparison to the thongesque pair, she kind of has a point.

What’s even more baffling is that, when I checked the website, one size was already sold out! I mean, who? Why??? I need answers!

Looks like we’re headed for some extreme denim ages people. I wonder how long the fad will last. Till then, keep your butt cheeks safe.