12 Times Disney Movies Made You Cry Your Heart Out

On most days, we are flailing about trying to get a hold on this “being an adult” thing. And then suddenly a Disney movie is aired on TV, or you come across it on your laptop, and you decide to watch it. Uh oh. Suddenly, out of nowhere, all these emotions that you never even knew existed fill your heart and threaten to reduce you to a crying mess. Why, Disney, why?

Warning: The following content may be disturbing to some individuals, including adults. Viewer discretion is advised.

1. Bambi : When Bambi’s mother dies

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It’s just an animated movie. It’s just an animated movie. It’s just an animated movie.

Oh whatever, screw it. Where are my tissues?!


2. Brave : When the sun rises and Merida’s mother does not turn back into a human

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You did not see that one coming, did you? You thought all magical spells were

supposed to wear off by sunrise.


3. Aladdin : When a hungry Aladdin gives his bread to the hungry kids searching the garbage for food

He has just stolen the bread and as he sits down to eat it, he sees the poor kids rummaging through garbage for food… 🙁


4. Finding Nemo : When Marlin -Nemo’s dad – loses his entire family to a barracuda attack.

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And then we see that a single, tiny egg survived.

While there is so much you want to do for him…. you don’t know how to comfort a fish.


5. Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs : When the dwarfs mourn over Snow White before putting her in a glass coffin

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First of all, to start with, Snow White literally looks like she fell down from heaven.

Porcelain white skin.

Cherry lips.

Always smiling, singing and dancing.

Then they go ahead and put her in a glass coffin. Damn it!


6. Cinderella : When Cinderella’s evil step-sisters tore her mother’s dress to shreds

The dress is the only thing that Cinderella has that belongs to her dead mother. Her friends, the mice and the birds, surprise her by altering the dress for her so that she can go to the ball. And then the evil stepsisters, those fat asses, just rip them to shreds.



7. Up : When Ellie dies, and you were just like…. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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Seriously? Do you not realize how much made-for-each-other they are? Their childhood dreams and crazy adventures? And their dream of living in a house by Paradise Falls? First, they cry over not having kids, and then she dies? What is up with that? Why would you do that to an old man in what is supposed to be a cartoon?!


8. The Lion King : When Mufasa dies, and Simba tries to wake him up

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When Simba pokes Mufasa’s body with his paw and says “Dad, get up, we gotta go home”, and when he doesn’t move, starts screaming for help… and inside you are like: “NOOOOO!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH DISNEY?!! NOBODY IS SUPPOSED TO DIE!!!!!!!”


9. Tangled : When Flynn saved Rapunzel’s life by cutting off her magical hair

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Because Flynn is cocky, arrogant, self-centered and puts himself before others, the moment when he cuts off Rapunzel’s magical hair to save her from her evil mother is really special. And she is trying to heal his wound with the magic in her hair. Get me a Flynn, please.


10. Toy Story 3 : When the toys hold hands when they are trapped in the incinerator, and are unable to escape

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11. Up : When Russell’s father does not show up for his Senior Explorer ceremony, and Russell’s face is…

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… but then Carl comes up on stage and awards Russell with “the highest honour I can bestow”…

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The badge that Ellie had given Carl when they had first met. *sob*

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12. Inside Out : When Bing Bong – a pink elephant who is Riley’s imaginary friend – sacrifices himself to save Joy

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It’s okay to admit: “As of now, I am a grownup, crying, sobbing and whimpering over animated people.”

Do you need a hug?

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