Disabled Woman Hesitantly Shares Pics In Wheelchair, Twitter Builds Up Her Confidence

A while back, a confident woman was seen unleashing her inner-model and posing for selfies in a crowded metro. But not all of us can manage that. Nervousness, embarrassment, anxiety, social awkwardness and the fear of judgement get in our way.

21-year-old Nila Morton from Greenville, South Carolina, is also hesitant about posting her photos online. She was born with Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy that results in severe muscle weakness due to which she has to use a wheelchair.

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Whenever she dresses up to go out, she clicks pictures but is nervous about sharing them on social media due to negative comments about her disability. Recently, she decided to overcome her fear and posted photos of herself in a sexy black dress.


Take a look.

The post has amassed 36,000 retweets and 523,000 likes. People are lauding her for overcoming her nervousness and building up her confidence by telling her how beautiful she looks. Some Twitter users are asking her not to blur out her wheelchair and ignore the trolls.

People are showering her with praise, complimenting her smile and giving her fashion sense a big thumbs up.


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Earlier, disabled blogger Melissa Blake who was born with a condition called Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome had to face negative comments about her looks. But she hit back with beautiful selfies of herself and received support online.

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