Disabled Blogger Hits Back At Trolls Calling Her “Too Ugly” For Pics By Posting More Selfies!

For many of us, it takes a lot of years to accept the way we are and the way we look. Because in a world with bizarre beauty standards, picture-perfect faces, and “beach bodies”, self-acceptance and self-love become a novelty. It becomes all the more difficult if you have trolls at your back spewing hate on you every single day.

Meet 38-year-old Melissa, a blogger and a disabled woman who has to face online and real-life trolls more frequently. She was born with a genetic bone and muscular condition known as Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome which makes her face look like this:

When I see her, I see a childlike face that is filled with life. But when trolls see her, they see a face that is “too ugly”.

Melissa took to her social media to write about how trolls have been leaving vile comments saying how she “should be banned from posting selfies” because she is too ugly and apparently looked like a “blob fish”.

However, such comments didn’t break her spirit. Instead, she hit them back with a hilarious response. She went on to offend trolls with 3 additional selfies!

“I’m getting so tired of people (read: men) thinking it’s OK to insult a woman’s appearance. Yes, my disability makes me different. Trust me, I know that. I’ve known that my entire life. And people wonder why I’ve struggled so much with self-acceptance when it comes to how I look and our society’s notion of what ‘beautiful’ is. It’s because of comments like these –  comments that dismiss me and deem me unworthy. This is just one more example of the type if ableism that people with disabilities face every day and it’s something I’m constantly trying to change,” she said.

Her words struck a chord with netizens who are now nothing but praises and support for her!

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No matter how easy it is to troll somebody from the other side of the screen, compassion and kindness will always win over hate!

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