14 Things You Face When You Have A Dirty-Minded Friend

If it weren’t for the friends we made in high school and college, the many years we spent trying to ‘educate’ ourselves would have been one huge nightmare. Here is a special mention to that one dirty-minded friend we’ve all had, who gave a little twist to the most boring situations we encountered.

Here are the things every person who has had a friend with a dirty mind will understand:

1. They can take anything and turn it into something dirty

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2. They’re the first person to think of anything dirty in your entire friend group

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3. When they’re not around and some double-meaning stuff comes up, they’re the first person you think of

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If he/she were here, they’d laugh.


4. You often hear them crack inappropriate jokes at inappropriate times

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5. Every time someone says something that is potentially a double-meaning joke, they are the first ones to laugh

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You know what’s going on in their heads. 😉


6.Every time they text you to tell you an inside joke, they’re sure to send a ‘;)’ emoji along with it

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So you know what they mean.


7. You are in awe of their ability to make dirty jokes

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8. Because of their influence, you also tend to spot jokes or statements that sound dirty

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It’s all because of them.


9. They have a few particular favourite statements to make everything sound suggestive

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10. Just one look from them is enough to know what they’re thinking

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They make it obvious, and it’s really funny.


11. Sometimes, you’re afraid of talking in front of them, fearing that they might make a joke out of that

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They’re unstoppable. They’re invincible.


12. They will always justify their sense of humor by saying the silliest things

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“I don’t have a dirty mind. I have a sexy imagination.” Cool then.


13. They’re the ones who keep boring lectures alive by making dirty jokes

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“Lol. Prof said 69.” *bursts into laughter*


14. And you love them for providing non-stop entertainment in an ‘adult’ way

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If you know what I mean. 😉

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