Dia Mirza Says Pre-Marital Pregnancy Is A Choice, Relieved That Indian Women Can Get Abortions

Even today, the topic of pre-marital sex attracts controversy in our country, let alone pre-marital pregnancy – which is a strict no-no. But in the wake of the regressive abortion laws in the US, we can’t help but be thankful that abortions are legal in our country. To have or not to have a baby should be a matter of a woman’s choice and not something that is imposed on her by society or the government.

Echoing the same sentiment, Dia Mirza said that pre-marital sex and even pre-marital pregnancy are matters of personal ‘choice’.


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News18 quoted her saying:

“I feel when it comes to personal choice and the power of personal choice, it can only be celebrated by those who ensure they make personal choices, not threatened, not afraid of making the choice that you need to as an individual. And while there may be many people with regressive thoughts on things like premarital sex or premarital pregnancy or any other things for that matter, there are enough people who recognise the fact that it is a personal choice, that people have the right to do if they choose to. I don’t think we are as progressive as we imagine or as we consider ourselves to be.”

She went on to talk about women’s rights and the sorry state of affairs in many parts of the world.

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“Look at the kind of crimes that continue to be committed against women. (In America) Women can’t go through an abortion if they want,” she said.

But on the other hand, she expressed relief at the fact that “at least in India” abortion laws protect women and their rights.

Do you agree with what Dia Mirza has to say?

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