Youtuber Dhruv Rathee’s Wife Receives Rape Threats After He Posts Video On ‘The Kerala Story’

Disclaimer: The article contains strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

The country of 1.33 billion people was recently raging when a filmmaker made a movie about an alleged racket that has been going on in one of its states. Several people across the country protested against the screening of the Indian Hindi-language drama film ‘The Kerala Story’, directed by Sudipto Sen, after which many states banned the film.

After the movie was released for public viewing, many people had diverse opinions on it. Since many theories were floating around, a YouTuber, Dhruv Rathee also did some digging and shared his opinions about the film and the facts and figures shown in it.


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It’s understandable that not everyone will agree with his opinions and would have contradictory views. However, some of us clearly don’t know how to express criticism. They think sending hate-filled and abusive texts to the creator and their family is the ultimate way to ‘teach them a lesson’ for having a different opinion than theirs. After Dhruv shared this controversial YT video, his wife Juli Lbr-Rathee was flooded with rape threats.

Taking to Twitter, Dhruv shared screengrabs of the Instagram messages and the emails they both received. Some of them were rape threats to Juli because her husband dared to speak his mind on the internet.

After he tweeted about it, many people came in support of him lashing the desktop warriors who are just here to spread hate.

This is not an isolated incident where a creator and the females associated with him are threatened and sent rape threats for expressing their opinions which is a fundamental right in the country. Is this how our country will support and protect its women?

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