This Video Of Dhoni Training His Dogs Is Why They Say ‘Once A Captain Always A Captain’

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni¬†is actually living his life to the fullest. The ‘captain cool’ who recently passed on the leadership of Indian cricket team to the able hands of Virat Kohli, is spending all the quality time with his family.

Not long ago, we brought you the adorable father-daughter duo, Dhoni and Ziva crawling away on the field, to glory. While that led to the¬†explosion of my ovaries, another video of Dhoni training his adorable bunch of German Shepherds, is giving me a cute attack! Now, I know you can’t wait for Friday to end but why not indulge in awesomeness while you wait!

P.S- You can take Dhoni out of captaincy but you can never take out captaincy out of Dhoni.