Dhoni Reveals The Name Of His First Crush But Jokingly Says “Don’t Tell My Wife!”

What can be said about Captain Cool, Dhoni himself that’s not already been said before? From his stellar performance on the pitch to his heartwarming antics as a father, there’s absolutely nothing the man can’t do.

The former Indian skipper however, likes to keep his personal life away from the media limelight. Over the years we have learned a lot about the veteran cricketer, be it in his biopic or otherwise, but some things are still under the wraps.

During a promotional event for Chennai Super Kings MS Dhoni was a rather unexpected question by the emcee. He was asked what the name of his first ever crush was.

Perfect weather and surroundings to play golf

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Yeah that’s right, I don’t think even you die hard Dhoni fanatics would know the answer to this question.

After a round of guessing games, the presenter was finally able to coax the name out of Dhoni. The wicket keeper and batsman first tried be coy about the issue but finally spilled all the beans.

Dhoni was there with many of his CSK teammates including Shane Watson, Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja etc when he was bowled this tricky one.

Finally we were told that her name is Swati. That’s right another fun fact about the finisher that you probably didn’t know. Watch the video to see the whole banter:

I love how Dhoni being the sweetheart husband he is tells everyone to keep mum about this secret and not tell Sakshi Dhoni. Adorable!

Don’t worry now CSK skipper, our lips are sealed! (Unless of course she reads this article or watches the video, you’re off the hook.)