Dholavira Now A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Here’s A Look Into The Architectural Marvel

If you ever visit the state of Gujarat, going to Dholavira should definitely be on your bucket list. Located 250 km from Bhuj, Dholavira is one of the 5 cities that belong to the Indus Valley Civilisation, also known as the Harappan Civilization.

According to NDTV, Dholavira is famous for its striking architectural planning and architecture, which comprises open-air stadiums, a water harvesting system, a citadel, a ‘middle town’, and a ‘lower town.

Owing to its historical significance and remarkable architecture, UNESCO has awarded Dholavira the prestigious tag of being a ‘World Heritage’ site. It is now the 40th treasure in India to get this title, reports The Indian Express.

UNESCO announced the good news on Twitter.

“While the Harappan city of Dholavira has borne witness to the entire trajectory of the rise and fall of an early civilization of humankind, the Kakatiya Rudreshwara (Ramappa) Temple stands as an outstanding marvel of the Kakatiyan culture. Both sites make great contributions to the shared heritage of humanity,” UNESCO’s New Delhi Director Eric Falt said in a statement.

A release from UNESCO World Heritage Committee said it is “one of the most remarkable and well-preserved urban settlements in South Asia dating from the 3rd to mid-2nd millennium BCE”.

According to an Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), the art of the city is also noteworthy. During excavations, artefacts made of copper, stone, jewellery of terracotta, gold and ivory were found.

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Dholavira essentially comprises of two parts – a walled city and a cemetery to the west of the city.

“The walled city consists of a fortified Castle with attached fortified Bailey and Ceremonial Ground, and a fortified Middle Town and a Lower Town. A series of reservoirs are found to the east and south of the Citadel. The great majority of the burials in the Cemetery are memorial in nature,” the Ministry of Culture said.

Indians were delighted on hearing the news! Many took to Twitter to express how it was “about time” that Dholavira received the recognition it deserved.

A proud moment for all of us indeed!

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