Desi Twitter Hilariously Reacts To Dhinchak Pooja’s Latest Song ‘Roz Roz Ka Kaam’

Love it or hate it, but you CANNOT ignore it!

I am talking about internet sensation Dhinchak Pooja and her music videos. Just to refresh your memory, she is an ex-Big Boss contestant and the creative mind behind songs like ‘Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj’ and ‘Dilon Ka Shooter’. Arey, ‘Corona Corona’ ko kaise bhool saktey hai hum!

Pooja recently came up with her latest music video ‘Roz Roz Ka Kaam’ wherein she is sharing her daily routine.

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Well, surprisingly, most of us have the same routine as the artist. Don’t believe me? Lyrics read karlo bhai!

“Subah uthte hain hum, Brush karte hain hum,
Fir khaate hain hum, Fir jaate hain hum,
Chai banate hain hum, Usey peete hain hum,
Fir nahate hain hum, Taiyyar hote hain hum,
Office jaate hai hum, Gaadi chalate hai hum,
Radio sunte hai hum, Selfie lete hai hum,
Post karte hai hum, Roast karte hai hum,
Wapis aate hai hum, TV dekhte hai hum,
Book padhte hai hum, So jaate hai hum,
Kabhi haste hai hum, Kabhi rote hai hum,
Isi tarha saari zindagi khote hai hum!

Haina, same to same?

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And, ever since she dropped the bomb on social media, people just can’t stop talking about it. Here’s how they feel about the newly launched Dhinchak video:

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Well, after writing such complex lyrics and shooting this video, Pooja must be exhausted. We suggest she takes a break from work and chills for a while. Kya bolti public?

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