Desis Share Their Simple Yet Adorable First Date Experiences & Readers Are Melting

People tend to give a lot of thought to what to do for their first dates. They are nervous, agitated and constantly thinking about possible surprises they can give to their significant other. However, it is in the simplest of things that lie pockets of happiness and sunshine. Interesting conversations that can last for hours, sharing an ice cream or staring at the sea while holding hands – such everyday things hold a lot of power in creating the best memories. The proof of this lies in the stories below.


After a person on Twitter asked others to share their experience of first dates, people did not hold back. From meeting at a humble cafe to going for a drive, from just walking for hours holding hands to watching a movie together, it is surprising to see how the simplest meetings can turn into magic.

Here’s a look at some of the best first date stories we found:

What is your best first date experience? Share with us!

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