Desis In Their 30s, 40s & Older Reveal They Have Exam Nightmares Years After Passing Out

It has been almost a decade since I graduated from school. But even today I get nightmares of not being prepared enough for my Physics and Maths board exams. It’s always Physics and Maths. The dream almost always includes me blankly staring into my textbooks and realising I understand none of it, with my board exams just a week away.

However, it’s not just me having such dreams. Turns out, several people online who are in their 30s, 40s, 50s and even older have similar dreams of being unprepared or late for an exam, not completing their homework and even failing an exam. They took to Twitter to talk about this and called it “nightmares”. Some revealed how they abruptly wake up from sleep feeling anxious, only to realise that it has been years since they graduated!

Have a look:

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Representational image
Representational image

If you are wondering what such dreams mean, a report by The Guardian explains it well. Apparently, exam-related anxiety-causing dreams are very common.

“Some research suggests that anxiety dreams might play a useful role. In 2014, scientists based at the Sorbonne in Paris studied a large group of students taking a medical school entrance exam, harvesting their dreams the night before and relating them to their results afterwards. About two-thirds of the respondents dreamed about the exam, with nearly 80% of these dreams being negative in some way – usually involving the dreamer being late, or not remembering the right answers. Yet those who dreamed of the exam were more likely to perform better. Therefore, the authors hypothesised that such dreams provide some sort of ‘cognitive gain’,” the report read.

Do you have similar exam-related dreams? Tell us!

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