Fashion Brand Is Selling A Desi-Looking ‘Kachcha’ For ₹15K, Indians Try To Decode ‘Why?’

From a plastic ‘baalti’ being sold for Rs 25,999 to Balenciaga’s Rs 1.5 lakhs ‘Shopper Bags’, we have seen a lot of mundane products sold for exorbitant prices and we have no clue why!

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Yet again, we have come across a piece of clothing that’s priced so high that it’s blowing everyone’s mind away online.

Twitter user Arshad Wahid shared a picture of a very ordinary-looking pair of shorts that reminds us of the kachcha our dads and dadaiji wear all the time. What’s special about this pair of knickers?

Well, the desi loungewear item by a clothing brand KOBE is being sold for Rs 15,450.

Wahid was taken aback when he saw this online. Hence, he took the screengrab of it and shared it online for people to share their two cents on the matter with the caption, “why is this pattapatti trouser 15k?”

‘WTF’ was the most common reaction people gave when they saw his tweet.

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Maybe it’s inspired by the shorts that Kobe Bean Bryant, an American professional basketball player, wore when he was alive or probably it will not clutter our landfills and dissolve into the soil after being over-used. I don’t know, my middle-class mind wants some explanation behind the pricing.

Also, I now have a newfound respect for my dad’s kachcha that more often than not, turns into an effective pocha at my very desi household.

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