Dad & Pandit Ji Ask Bride, Groom To Kiss After Desi Wedding Rituals In Adorable Video

One would think desi weddings are all about a couple, decked in their heavy and somewhat uncomfortable attires, sitting for the elaborate puja that can sometimes extend into the night or morning in some cases. These rituals might come across as boring and tedious.

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But in this viral video, a couple added a personal touch to their wedding and exchanged kisses post the completion of their traditional wedding rituals, thanks to their rager dad.

The video opens with the groom’s dad requesting the pandit ji to ask the couple to kiss, just like in Christian weddings.

The couple, Viren Khuller and Vidushi Sharma, seated on their wedding throne, along with relatives burst out in laughter on listening to his weird request while the priest solemnizing the wedding is left red-faced. He was too shy to ask them to practice this foreign wedding ritual while getting married in a desi setup.

Hence, he requested the dad to ask it himself.  But on the insistence of the dad, pandit ji came up with a Hindi version of ‘you may kiss the bride’ and said, “ye dono kiss karenge ab.”

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Here’s the video:


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It was indeed sweet to see the couple steal a kiss in front of their family members. This is how people felt online:

Earlier, Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ showed a couple kissing after their Indian wedding and desis were like, “Allowed nahi hai.’

IMO, weddings should be more about the couple and less about the boring and lengthy rituals. After all, it’s their wedding, let them celebrate their union the way they want. Haina?

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