Desi Kids Recall Their Parents Taking Them To Temples Across India & Calling It A ‘Vacation’

When you were younger, did your family take you on a vacation to Nani’s house, Dadi’s house, Vaishno Devi and Haridwar for Ganga aarti, or were you normal? Recently, when Reddit user amazeguy spoke about desi vacation spots, a lot of people found it relatable. He narrated his own holiday stories where family outings almost always involved visiting religious places or pilgrimages. Check it out.

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Am I the only one here whose family keeps going to temples in the name of vacations? from india

Soon enough, other people started sharing their grief over not being taken on proper vacations. Some said even honeymoons were not spared while others lamented over visiting beach destinations but never getting to see them. Take a look.

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But this was the reply we related to the most *crying internally*

Where did you go on vacation as a kid? Tell us.

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