Desi Uncle Uses Genius Trick To Make Sure Nobody In His Family Asks Him For Money

If your family is big and everyone makes it a point to be in touch with everyone else, then you must know that there is always that one family member who will keep badgering others for financial help, with or without reason. You might be financially troubled yourself, but you can’t say no to them, because you are family.

However, one man came up with the best idea to make sure that no one in the family asks him for money. A woman took to Twitter to share how one of her uncles sent a message on the WhatsApp family group chat asking for money. The woman decided to help him out and messaged him personally asking for his bank account details.

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But surprisingly, her uncle told her that he doesn’t, in fact, need any money. He sent that message in the group so that the rest of the family thinks he is broke and doesn’t ask him for money!


“My uncle just sent a message in the family group asking for money. I privately messaged him asking for banking details so I can deposit required amount but he responded saying he doesn’t need money he just wanted to make sure that nobody in the family ask him for money,” she tweeted.

Have a look:

People online were truly impressed by the man’s scheme. Here’s how they reacted to the story:

What a genius hack!

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