Navratri Celebrations Begin, Desi Twitter Says Goodbye To Non-Veg Food With Hilarious Jokes

Navratri has already entered Day 2 of its celebrations and people are getting high on sweets and the smell of new clothes. And if you listen closely, you can hear all the boys and girls practicing like hell for Garbha night.

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However, for some reason, desi Twitter has suddenly remembered they won’t be allowed to have any non-veg food items for over a week. So, they decided to express their duukh through some rib-splitting jokes.

Here are the best ones:

1. Hands up!

2. May the Force be with you.

3. *creepy music plays in the background*

4. If only we could as good looking as Brad Pitt while being sad.

5. Someone’s head is in the right place.

6. “Apun idhar ich hai

7. That must hurt.

8. Those waterworks might come in handy.

9. May this template never go out of style.

10. Not this song again!

11. Punny, very punny.

12. You can, if you want to. Just saying.

13. Damn!

Happy Navratri y’all! Have a blast while I have all the chicken that you aren’t having.