Desi Twitter Jokes About Age Old Indian Stereotypes & How To Respond To Them

India is a diverse country comprised of people belonging to various cultures and ethnic groups. And for a long time, those very aspects have been used to identify where a person is from or even judge their characteristics. However, due to inter-faith and interstate marriages, nobody looks or acts the same. But try convincing our pyaare desh vassiyos about that.

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A few months ago, Indians shared their experience of answering people who asked them where do they live in India. While that was an exercise to show it’s easier to succumb to stereotypes to avoid a conversation, this meme is the exact opposite.

Here are the most sarcastic reactions to “You don’t look like..”:

1. Or protesting against ‘Padmaavat’.

2. That sounds tasty though.

3. Ouch!

4. Don’t leave out fafda!

5. That would be a sweet combo.

6. No love for idli?

7. And wearing a ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ t-shirt.

8. That’s so cliched.

9. An AAP cap is a must as well.

10. Plot twist!

11. K.C. Das’ sweets are the best!

12. Careful now.

13. Whoever thinks that should be dipped in Jasmine oil.

14. Organised. I like that.

15. So, you can talk to fish?

16. That’s oddly specific!

17. That’s the sound to which I wake up everyday.

18. Supaarwoman has had enough of your BS.

19. Also a supporter of either Mohun Bagan, East Bengal, Brazil or Argentina.

20. Along with my lota.

India is a little slow regarding breaking down stereotypes and the only way left to do so is with these savage comebacks. So, which of these replies did you have to use? And if you haven’t faced such a situation yet, now you know which retort to wield.

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