Meet Shalu, A Desi Robot Made By UP Teacher Who Can Speak In 38 Foreign Languages

The existence of robots isn’t a surprise to us anymore. In fact, in our country, robots were seen distributing face-masks and sanitisers in public places during the beginning of the pandemic. Certain robots have also been built to replace manual-scavenging. Hence, robots have certainly been a boon for us.

And now, a Jaunpur-based IIT professor named Dinesh Patel has built a ‘desi’ robot named ‘Shalu’ who can speak in as many as 38 foreign languages and 9 local dialects, reports Times Now.

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What’s fascinating is that the robot has been made entirely out of waste materials such as discarded plastic, aluminium, and cardboard.

Adding to that, Shalu can recognise people, display emotions, read the newspaper, recite food recipes and perform many other activities.

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A video captures Shalu operating in full swing! She not just responds to commands but also nods her head in agreement and blinks her eyes! She can extend her hand for a handshake while greeting people and is even able to locate a camera, look at it, and introduce herself. Have a look:

Isn’t it amazing to see how far science has progressed?

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