After ‘FRIENDS’, Indians On Twitter Are Demanding Their Own On-Screen Desi ‘Reunions’

The much-awaited ‘Friends: The Reunion’ episode was recently enjoyed by millions of viewers worldwide. And it made me long to have my own little reunion special with my real-life friends after the lockdown ends.

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But many desi fans were also hit by nostalgia for their favorite Indian characters, films, and TV shows. From ‘Hera Pheri’ to ‘Office Office’, here are the bunch of reunion specials that people online are demanding to see:

1. Several Bollywood movies have won us over with their portrayal of friendships:

2. All hail Lord Bobby!

3. The trio from ‘Hera Pheri’ found several mentions as well.

4. Big, fat Bollywood family reunions, anyone?

5. The soft side of Twitter wished for ‘impossible’ reunions with those in heaven.

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6. Others hilariously subverted the trend even further.

7. And sports fans weren’t left too far behind!

8. Marvel fans, where you at?

9. Meanwhile, this is me.

Which of these Desi reunions are you longing for the most? Tell us!

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