Desis Share Hilarious Ways They Convinced Parents To Watch Movies Of Their Choice

Remember as kids, how difficult it was to convince your parents to watch a movie of your choice? Especially desi films that had ‘adult scenes’? Well, I remember persuading my mom to let me watch the adult comedy ‘Masti’ with my friends. Of course, I first convinced her that the movie was about the fun that friends have together.

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Speaking of which, twitter user Arun Bothra recently shared how he convinced his mom to watch Dharmendra & Amitabh Bachchan starrer movie ‘Ram-Balram’ by saying it was a religious movie. Now, anybody who has seen the film will know that it’s far from religious. Of course, the name can be deceiving. 😛

Hilariously many desis related with his tweet and shared how they also twisted the truth to watch certain movies during their childhood.

The most important question – Parents ne kabhi chillaya nahi kya?

Did you watch any movie by convincing your parents that it was something else? Tell us.

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