Desis Reveal Their Mother’s Favourite ‘Weapon’ Which She Used To Discipline Them

As desi kids, we can never escape these two things – class teacher ki scolding and mummy ki maar. And when it comes to mummy ki maar, there are certain stereotypes that almost every desi mother abides by.

For example, many Indian mothers have different kinds of punishment for different situations. She has a variety of ‘weapons’ she can choose from, whichever suits her mood. On some days, her choice of weapon were the mighty ghar ke chappal. On other days, only her round boggling eyes would suffice.

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Desi people online have been discussing the various weapons which were chosen by their mothers to punish them. It started when an IPS Officer tweeted a picture of household items like belan and jharu and asked others which item did their mother use to discipline them.

From chimta to hand-fan, people online had different answers!

No matter how scary these seemed back then, Mummy ki haath ki maar is the only reason why I have an iota of discipline in myself!

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