From Bragging To Mockery, Kids Share How Desi Moms React To Their Little Achievements

Desi moms can be as unpredictable as Mumbai whether. Sometimes they can make you climb the chaney ka jhaad in front of your relatives and the very next moment she will make you realize how worthless and dharti ka boojh you are.

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We realized how every desi mom has similar traits and reactions to certain situations after we stumbled upon this tweet.

Soon after, the post went viral on Instagram, and people shared how their moms would react if they shared their small achievements with them. While some said she wouldn’t pay heed to them, others opined how they might start finding faults in it.

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Some kids also said their moms would just brag about them to every neighbor till they were embarrassed in public.

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No matter how much our moms criticize us; we know they are our biggest cheerleaders, right?

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