Desis Reveal What They Do To Avoid Jhamela When Parents Ask For Their Phones

I am a 27-year-old adult and I am still scared of my parents. It’s not like I live in instant dread of them all the time, no. But I’m still petrified of getting caught telling a lie or speaking to them in a louder than usual tone.

Similarly, many desi kids online have been revealing how they feel super scared when their parents ask for their phones. Many revealed how their hands start to tremble and that they go on a full phone cleanse! Have a look:

From resetting the phone, logging out of social media, and deleting search history, here’s what many people do to save themselves from a possible kalesh!

As it turns out, most parents ask for their kids’ phones just for OTPs or using the torch.

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Do you get the chills when your parents ask for your phone? Tell us!

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