‘Not Everyone Wants The Best For You’, Desi Kids Talk About ‘Toxic Friends’ From School

If you think about it, there are two kinds of friends people make during school life – ones that stick around for a lifetime no matter what, and others who are nothing but the devil in disguise! The latter kind will try to pull you down, will interrupt your studies, and according to your parents, are a “bad influence”.

Speaking about such toxic friends, one kid from Tamil Nadu went on a full-blown rant on Reddit about how in Class 11 and 12, fake friends made his life a living misery!

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The boy talked about how these “friends” would stop him from revising right before exams, asking him to “relax”, while they kept revising till the exam started.

“When I was in the 11th and 12th standard, I had the worst classmates ever. The sad part of it all was that they weren’t some dumb kids. They all would study themselves for tests 5 mins before the exam but would literally snatch the book from me and tell me to ‘Relax’ and to take it easy. The stupid me didn’t have the guts to tell them off and would score lesser marks and surprise surprise they score higher than me and would literally laugh at me for my lesser score.”

He went on to add how studying in a class with a majority of female students made things worse.

“What made it worse was that my class was a girls majority and me being a boy if I ever said anything remotely rude they would just stare and make me feel all guilty about. There was also another guy who was black and one of the girls in 9th standard just straight up said in front of everyone, ‘How are you so black?”, and then behaves like she is all woke and liberal. Bullshit, you are just a hypocrite and a narcissist.”

He ended the rant by saying how he wished he came across better people in school who wouldn’t try to bring others down.

“The 2 years at that school taught me a very important lesson tho that no book could make one realise. ‘Not everyone wants the best for you’. It is important that we have good friends to support us and encourage us in times of need. ¬†I genuinely wish that I could have had a better school life where people made fun in jest and not to put down others.”

Read his full post here:


As his post went viral, several others took to the comment section to narrate their tales of dealing with toxic friends. Have a look:

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It is sad how school life hasn’t been the ideal experience for many because of such destructive classmates. It is true when people say that having friends is a luxury. Many don’t get this luxury despite searching their entire lives. If you come across someone whom you can truly call a friend then hold them close!

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