Harvard Student Fluently Sings Hindi And Punjabi Rap Songs; Watch Videos


The world is full of music in different genres, languages, and styles. And, yet somehow there is something about Hindi music that immediately catches your attention. Be it throbbing dance numbers or soulful classical hits, there is something magical about Indian songs.

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Speaking of which, we recently came across an Instagram account run by a foreigner who has a penchant for desi songs. The account by the name of “The Desi Cowboy” is full of posts by a white boy singing Hindi and Punjabi songs fluently, reports News18. The boy, who has kept his identity anonymous, claims to be a student from Harvard.

From classic hits like “Bole Chudiyan” to the more recent “Apna Time Ayega” from Gully Boy, the guy is really acing it! 

  1. Iska time aa gaya for sure, what an amazing voice! 


2. Is he even doing it right if he didn’t sing an SRK-Kajol romantic song?! 


3. Jine mera dil luteya… we all know what comes next! 

4. The desi cowboy also sang ‘Desi Girl’. I mean of course! 

5. He even dressed up for Honey Singh’s ‘Blue Eyes’. 

6. This song was my jam back in the day! 


7.  He even sang ‘Lamborghini chalai jane o’, haiyeee! 


8. He sure seemed to have enjoyed singing ‘Aankh mare’.

9. Mai teri GF haan haan haan! 

This is so impressive! We wish the immensely talented singer good luck and hope he keeps uploading more songs.

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