Danish Govt Buys 4 Elephants From Circuses For ₹11 Cr To Let Them Peacefully Retire!

There was a time when animals were a big part of circus acts around the globe. But ever since incidents of mistreatment and abuse have come to light, organisers have been slammed for animal cruelty.

Baby African elephants can no longer be sold to zoos and circuses. The UK has prohibited travelling circuses from using wild animals and Denmark is expected to follow suit pretty soon.

To this end, the Danish government has purchased the last four circus elephants in the country (Ramboline, Lara, Djunga and Jenny). According to BBC, they paid 11 million Danish kroner (over Rs. 11 crores) to Cirkus Arena and Cirkus Trapez so that the creatures could retire.

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The Indian Express reports that a group called ‘Animal Protection Denmark’ has been entrusted with taking care of the elephants until their new home is decided.

The government is inviting applications from zoos who are willing to take in the animals. One of the places in contention is the 440-hectare Knuthenborg Safaripark which promises the elephants a happy and peaceful retirement.

“The elephants will be sent to the establishment that can offer them the highest level of well-being,” says the country’s Ministry of Environment and Food.

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Apart from lawmakers, some circuses themselves are also taking steps towards anti-cruelty. A circus in Germany named ‘Circus Roncalli’, for instance, has replaced real animals in its shows with 3D holograms! How cool is that?

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