Fashion Label Introduces Bizarre ‘Denim Panties’ At ₹23,000, And The Important Question Is WHY!

If there is one industry which is constantly trying to outclass itself with its increasing levels of insanity, it is the world of fashion. From trousers which form a cage around your legs to a pair of jeans promising to eliminate fart smell; we have come across some of the most bizarre clothing items in recent times.

And just when we thought there couldn’t possibly be anything more freakish; we just bumped into these.

A high-end fashion label named Y Project has introduced a type of shorts which looks like a brief. The product is made of Denim and is more versatile than your traditional underwear! It has been named the ‘Y/Project Navy Denim Panties’ and is described as the underwear which ‘does not need to stay under there’ by e-store Ssense.

Usually, these out of the bix releases come with a huge price tag and this time it was no different. The shorts which have a frontal zip and a high waist have been priced at a whopping $340 dollars (23,000 INR).

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Here is how people reacted to the crazy release.

I am literally left with a single question for all the fashion designers in this world. What’s next?

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