While PM Modi Is Busy Fighting Corruption, A BJP MLA Has Gifted A Mercedes To His Minor Son


It has been two and a half weeks since PM Modi started his crusade against black money and demonetised old ₹500 and ₹1000 notes. People are either supporting it or calling its execution a monumental failure.

BJP distanced itself from the extravagant 500-crore-Reddy-wedding too, in order to avoid unwarranted attention. But, when a Maharashtrian BJP MLA Ram Kadam got his minor son a Mercedes as a birthday gift, it put the party in a strange spot.


Ram Kadam; in his own words: “dashing MLA of Ghatkopar West Mumbai of Bhartiya Janta Party”; on November 19 got his minor son a lavish birthday gift. It was a brand new Mercedes E350 Cabriolet. Wondering what would a kid do with a lux-car? So are we.


It didn’t take much time for people to start asking questions.


1. Merc 2 minor.



2. The demonetisation effect.


 3. Source of income?



4. A lethal killing weapon.



5. This respectable query.


6. Aam junta talks.


7. One even made a black money joke.



8. Example?


9. One called out the whole party.


10. And then this happened, too.

Here we are not getting a proper 500 note and this kid gets a Merc. #WhatAmIDoingWithMyLifeMoment.

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