Twitter Lauds Food Delivery Guy Who’s A ‘Painter By Passion’ For His Captivating Artwork


There are hundreds of talented people at every nook and corner of our country waiting for that one life-changing opportunity. All they need is a platform to expose their talent to the world. And internet today has become one such platform. You might remember Ranu Mondal who rose to fame after a video of her rendition of Lata Mangeshkar went viral or Kolkata’s somersaulting kids who are all set to make a career in gymnastics, all thanks to their viral video.

Like many others, this food delivery executive who is an excellent artist is the internet’s latest find. Vishal Samjiskar, who is a passionate painter works as a food delivery executive to make ends meet.

He is currently making headlines for his praise-worthy artwork after his creations were shared online by a Twitter user.

The user who goes by the name @nikhiilist shared a couple of pictures of Vishal’s artwork after he met him when he came by to drop his parcel.

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He shared Vishal’s plea seeking help from people to get him some work, reported News18.

The tweet that was extensively shared online, managed to get attention from Bollywood’s noted actor and director, Pooja Bhatt. Pooja even shared her willingness to help Vishal in any way possible.

Many people also came forward to encourage Vishal to follow his passion and monetize it.

The food delivery platform where Vishal worked also came forward to help him.

No one can predict what’s the next thing that will take the internet by storm. Sometimes it’s brutal trolling and then there are incidences like this. Well, this is by far the best way to make use of technology and the internet. We salute Vishal’s drive to continue his passion while making ends meet by working as a food delivery executive.

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