Delivery Man Trying To ‘Deliver’ Package By Throwing It Straight Onto The 1st Floor Is A Major Fail

Is it relatable when we say that nothing is as exciting as waiting for delivery packages? If you had the time, you would rather sit with your phone tracking your package all day and you know it!

But what if someday you see the delivery guys tossing and flinging your package like newspapers are thrown into verandas?

Yes, the horror!

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A video was captured in Germany which shows a delivery guy doing exactly that! He stands on top of the van, trying to fling the package on to the first floor, but has quite a few misses.

If it were your package, you would get the chills.

The Hermes delivery man takes quite a few turns, only to see the package crashing down.

Finally, the package does land inside the balcony. But it has left Netizens divided.

A Hermes spokesman told The Sun, “We believe that this video was taken in Germany and we are liaising with our colleagues, who are investigating this clearly unacceptable behavior.”

This might be our worst nightmare come true!

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