Udaipur Mall Asks Delivery Guys To Use Stairs & Not Lift, Twitter Calls It ‘Discrimination’

There are numerous instances of food delivery personnel going out of their way to get the job done. From braving dire weather conditions to sometimes undergoing harassment, there are numerous challenges these people face every day.

However, instead of being kinder to them, a mall in Udaipur put up a notice saying that food delivery executives cannot use the lift and should use the stairs instead.

A picture of the notice was shared on Twitter by journalist Sobhana Nair.

Several people criticized the mall and housing societies that have similar rules for delivery executives. Many called it a violation of human rights. Have a look:

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Delivery executives are human too. They deserve the same treatment that everybody else does. Instead of making their lives harder, malls and housing societies should be more sympathetic towards them. Don’t you think?

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