Bengaluru Woman Narrates How Delivery Boy Attacked Her, Left Her Bleeding In Video

In a horrific incident, a woman in Bengaluru named Hitesha Chandranee has been allegedly attacked by a food delivery executive. She took to Instagram to post a video talking about the events which led to the attack and its aftermath.

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According to Business Today, Hitesha was seen with a bleeding nose and in tears in the video. Narrating the incident, she said that since her food delivery was taking longer than usual, she got in touch with the delivery service’s customer care, asking them to either cancel the order or give it for free.

However, when her food finally did arrive, she asked the delivery executive to wait outside while she speaks to customer care.

“The Zomato delivery guy reached and he was very rude. I don’t usually open the door because of Shushi (her pet dog) and I opened the door a little and through the small slit I asked him to wait because I was conversing with Zomato’s customer support,” she said.

She went on to allege that the delivery executive pushed her door, entered her home, took the food from the table, punched her in the face, and fled.

“I gave him a choice saying I do not need the order so you can take it, I am okay. But he refused to take the order back and he started screaming at me, saying ‘Am I a slave or what? You are asking me to wait here.’ So, it was really threatening for me and I tried to shut my door but he pushed the door, took my order from the table, that is he entered my home and punched me on my face so that I don’t get back to him, and he ran away.”

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The video had footage of her bleeding nose which was later bandaged. She also notified that the assault left her with a broken nose and the doctors suggest that she undergoes surgery.

Have a look at the full video here:

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According to India Today, Zomato took notice of the video and responded. Here’s what they said:

It is scary how a woman inside her own home has had to face such an assault. We hope that the company’s authorities take action against the perpetrator for his condemnable act.

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