11 Quick And Delicious Egg Recipes That Are Perfect For A Holiday Breakfast


Holiday, it is one of the most powerful words in the English dictionary. Wondering how and why? Because just the mere mention of this word sends out a powerful endorphin rush throughout your body.

Holidays are those beautiful days when you wake up late and lazy, eat a heavy breakfast that is almost like a brunch and relax all day.

These egg recipes are perfect for such days. They are easy to make and hardly consume anytime, efforts or exotic ingredients that are not usually available in the Indian kitchen.

1. Curried egg salad sandwich

Image source

Boiled eggs, Mayo, Curry powder

An 8 year old can also cook this dish easily. It is that easy to make and consumes hardly any time.

P.S. It is a cool quick fix if you have some unexpected hungry guests over.



2. Spaghetti with herbs, chilies, and eggs

Image source

Spaghetti, eggs, shaved Parmesan cheese

Here’s a trick, if you don’t have spaghetti at home, maybe you can try and replace it Maggie.

P.S. Just don’t use the Maggie masala.



3. Cinnamon French toast sticks

Image source

Yogurt, eggs, slices of old bread

The deliciously sweet and rich taste of these French toasts will lift up your mood for a fun and lazy day.



4. Ham & egg breakfast bowl

Image source

Slice of ham, eggs, cheddar cheese

This is literally a one minute recipe to calm down your late morning evil hunger.

P.S. Guys this is a perfect and mind you easiest breakfast in bed recipe for those special mornings.



5. Egg, tomato, spinach, and flat bread pizza

Image source

Flat bread, tomatoes, spinach and, eggs

A fancy breakfast with simple ingredients that are easily available in the fridge. This is exactly how you spice up your life.



6. Egg salad sandwich

Image source

Eggs, Mayo, Mustard, Celery, spring onion and bread

Chop the onion, cut the boiled eggs, mix it with other ingredients, place lettuce on the bread, stuff it in the bread and voila. A tasty delicious sandwich is ready for you to gorge on.



7. Cheese and mushroom pizza omelette

Image source

Eggs, mushroom, mozzarella cheese, pesto sauce

Tastes better than its tempting appearance. It has all the ingredients that most everyone loves and it hardly takes any time. *Drools*



8. Scotch eggs

Image source

Eggs, sausage, bread crumbs

This one here looks really tempting and guess what? It is super easy to make. If you love chicken and eggs, then this is perfect for you.



9. Cheese and egg souffle

Image source

Eggs, milk, mozzarella cheese

It looks fancy, but it is the easiest thing to make. Add little milk, salt and black pepper to the above ingredients, mix it well and put it in the oven. There you go, you have your fancy and delicious breakfast baked and ready.



10. Egg roast

Image source

Eggs, basic Indian masalas, oil

This is a no brainer. Just fry the boiled eggs with regular salt, chilly powder, turmeric there you go. Boring boiled eggs turned into tasty fried eggs.



11. Egg pakoda

Image source

Eggs, pakoda batter

Who doesn’t like pakodas? Replace onion from onion pakoda or potato from potato pakoda with eggs and there you go, egg pakoda all yours.


Easy to make and gorgeously tempting? Well, I’m sure they’re delicious too, find out yourself by getting your butt in the kitchen right now.

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