Delhi Woman’s Landlady ‘Arranged’ Men To Rape Her Multiple Times, Finally Arrested

Horror sagas of rapes aplenty deem Delhi streets unsafe after hours. Yet you do expect to be safe with your landlord or perhaps your employer. A 28-year-old woman hailing from West Bengal, living in East Delhi was failed on both these counts.

The survivor alleges that her landlady arranged men who then proceeded to rape her multiple times. Once the victim shared her torment with her husband, the man then sought the aid of an NGO and contacted the cops.

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In her statement to the police, the victim shared that the landlady who is a resident of Geeta Colony offered to engage her as domestic help when her husband got laid off. He initially worked at a company.

Later, in 2018 she was taken to a businessman’s office in Jheel Khurenja where the landlady took away her one-year-old baby girl. The landlady then shoved the victim in a room where she claims the businessman raped her.

The brutality of the incident meant she needed medical attention as she was bleeding from the assault. Yet, the landlady blackmailed and threatened her against going to the cops. However, that was not the end of the ordeal for the victim.

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At the government hospital, where she was taken by her landlady, the victim was taken inside a room by a man masquerading as a doctor. She was raped again.

In fact, the victim further said that the landlady’s relative and his friend had gang-raped her. Considering the complaints, the cops were able to arrest the landlady as well as one of the others accused. They have been charged with gangrape under the Immoral Trafficking Prevention Act.

Sadly, even the harshest of punishment can’t reverse the survivor’s ghastly ordeal, can it?