Delhi Woman Falls From Flyover After An Accident & Survives, Miraculous Incident Caught On Cam

We’ve seen a ton of Hollywood, Bollywood and South Indian action movies. And in those movies, we’ve seen cars (with people in them) fly east, west, north and south. We’ve seen people (who are portrayed as regular guys) jump from great heights and suffer minor scratches. But we’ve always labelled them as “unrealistic”, right? Well, it turns out that the human body is actually capable of surviving such kinds of trauma.

According to the Hindustan Times, 20-year-old Sapna was riding with her friends, Kunal (18) and Jia Banerjee (22), on a motorcycle on the Vikaspuri flyover. That’s when they met with an accident and Sapna was thrown off the flyover. Deputy commissioner of police (west) Monika Bhardwaj said,

“Some unknown vehicle hit the bike and because of the impact, Sapna fell from the flyover. She was admitted to DDU hospital and is undergoing treatment.”

Kunal, Jia and Sapna were coming to Janakpuri from Paschim Vihar on a motorcycle and none of the three were wearing helmets. Eyewitnesses said that they were hit by another speeding motorcycle first. That caused Kunal to lose control and hit a car, thereby throwing Sapna off of the flyover.

CCTV cameras didn’t catch the accident, but you can check out Sapna’s fall here:

Sapna fell from a height of almost 50ft. and survived. Even Kunal and Jia walked away with their lives in their hands. Thankfully, as seen in the video, there were people around the flyover to send her to the Deen Dayal Upadhyay hospital.

Considering how there’s no footage of the accident and since Kunal and Jia were unable to describe the whole event properly, the police have to identify the vehicles who almost took Sapna’s life based on eyewitnesses and the official statements from the victims. So, let’s hope they do that soon and pray that the daredevil trio has learned their lesson about rash driving and wearing helmets.

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