After Lucknow, Delhi Woman Mercilessly Beats Up Cab Driver In The Middle Of The Road

A few months back, a woman in Lucknow was caught mercilessly beating up a cab driver in the middle of the road. The incident sparked a massive debate online about how many women take advantage of the fact that they are ‘women’ and get away with violent behaviour.

In a similar incident, a woman in Delhi was spotted beating up a cab driver in the middle of the road. According to Zee News, a video was taken in the West Patel Nagar police station area where the woman was seen throwing punches and slaps at the driver and holding his collar. The police are now trying to trace the woman. Have a look at the video here:

DNA reveals that the incident took place in Kasturi Lal Anand Marg of West Patel Nagar Block-22. The woman in question was travelling with another person on a scooter. The roads were congested. The woman found the cab driver and allegedly asked him to make some space, which he was unable to. She got enraged, parked her scooter on the road, and started abusing and beating up the driver. She was also seen shouting at another man who was at the spot and protested against her behaviour towards the cab driver.

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According to an update, the cab driver has refused to file a complaint against the woman as he doesn’t want any controversy.

Violence, perpetrated by any gender, should be unacceptable. Don’t you think?

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