Delhi Traffic Cops Found A Unique Way To Emphasize Helmet-Safety, Netizens Are All Praise!

The public can be somewhat distrustful of traffic cops at times especially when we notice them driving without helmets themselves. However, there are times when our law enforcers truly do us proud. The Delhi Police did precisely this in an effort to promote safer driving practices for National Road Safety Week, 2019. They initiated a campaign that essentially holds a mirror up to society. They did this in the literal sense to emphasise the use of helmets.

If you’re travelling past ITO, you can’t miss Head Constable Sandeep Kumar who wears a helmet whilst standing on the street. He carries a mirror with a very special message for every helmet-less passenger riding a two-wheeler.

Take a look at his message-

“Kyunki aaina jhooth nahi bolta (Because the mirror never lies),” reads a placard he flips over on the mirror.

Kumar then proceeds to reveal a spate of messages on road safety that essentially read- ‘My helmet, my safety. What about yours?’, ‘Always use ISI marked helmet’, ‘We wish you a safe journey.’

“Mera helmet meri suraksha. Aur aapki?”
“Sadaiv ISI mark wala helmet hi prayog karein.”
“Aapki surakshit yatra ki shubhkaamna”

However, it is a team effort for another policeman steps in at the end of the video to pass the passengers a flyer. Take a look at the video uploaded by Delhi Traffic Police’s official Twitter handle:

The video soon went viral garnering a spate of positive reactions!

Then there were those who believed the traffic cops were going above and beyond to focus on road safety when the onus to do so is on travellers themselves.

But all in all, it seems the janta quite approves of this new way to promote helmet safety!

Hopefully, janta is feelin the josh these cops exude. Let’s swear by helmets along with every traffic rule in the book, shall we?